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1500 Youtube Subscribers! Thank You!


Thanks guys! Let’s keep it going! A day or two away from user accounts , but hitting 1500 subscribers again is a giant milestone for us internally and we just wanted to say thannk you!


800,000 Views On MVGEN YOUTUBE!


Hey guys i just got off my directing duties on a new music video (gif is a scene from it above) to come home to MVGEN YouTube channel has crossed 800,000 plus views!

We on our way to 1,000,000 Views! Of course it’s all for you music creators to have a wide audience to share your music to.
Make sure you subscribe to the Youtube Channel.
Pretty please with sugar on top?


Just an update on our tech progress:

User Accounts Beta: 90%
Video LIKES: 90%
Let us know what new features you’d like to see! We have been tracking them and they are coming!

Whoop! YOUTUBE upload is enabled again! Upload Your Music Videos!


Aww yeah guys! It’s official. You can upload your music videos again to MVGEN Youtube Channel!

PLEASE: Don’t upload music you don’t own the rights too and if you want a video removed please email us immediately and we’ll take it down. The channel exists to promote independent artist who are getting their music out to the world.

Okay! User accounts are on their way where you will be able to control your videos a lot more including metadata, filters, collections and more (including uploading and removing videos from the MVGEN youtube channel as you see fit!)

Okay! We have to get back to work but enjoy – subscribe and spread the word!

Music Video for FINGERFINGERRR – Eu So Ganho by MVGEN’s Own JohnThreat!


Hey guys! John Threat, the coder and founder of MVGEN just had a music video release for the awesome band FingerFingerrr out of Brazil. They are a kick ass talented punk-rock band and you can find the video here:

FingerFingerrr – Eu So Ganho [official video] from FingerFingerrr on Vimeo.

Check it out and spread the word. We have some big MVGEN news coming up for you users soon. Also the objects from the video are going to be put into the MVGEN gif database. Here grab a few for yourself.

Okay guys! Let us know what you think! More info soon!













700,000 views on YOUTUBE: User Accounts Soon!

Oh yeah!700000

Feels good man. After a hiccup , youtube is soaring again. 700,000 Views on you videos that you elect to upload to youtube so we can promote you and your music around the world.

User Accounts are on the way! This will allow users to decide when and wear they upload their videos to our Youtube , and sshape the experience a bit with custom thummbnails, description box with links to their social media and whre to purchase the track , and most importantly taking the song down from YOUTUBE from our channel if you need to without asking us!

One road bunp we had was some users would upload videos to youtube, then flag them down! They would apologize and help us get the flag on the channel off, but it was time consuming on a galactic scale.

Let’s face it , user accounts will make the whole experience better for you and us. We are kick-ass stoked to bring them online soon!

600,000+ Hits On Youtube / YouTube Channel Restored!#@

Aww Yeah! We reached 600,000 views on Youtube !

Our youtube channel was temporarily suspended , due to a oversight , but we are back! Youtube uploads are temporarily suspended for a bit till the site is revamped , but don’t fret – it’ll be back and better than ever!

600,000 is a lot, jump over there and subscribe to hear incredibl music and great videos. Now we have the kind of traffic to help promote your music to big gigantic wide wide world.


We also have new filters in effect! Everything from Title Font Variations to VHS and Bubble Warp Filters – but I’ll address that in another post soon.

Keep making those kick ass videos kid!

400,000+ Views On Youtube and MVGEN Improvements!

Yeah! We reached YAM! Yet Another Milestone. 400,000+ Views on the MVGEN Youtube channel featuring great music and videos from artists from around the world. We Tipple our Fedoras to you!
We are stoked and so should you be – that means the videos you make and if you opt-in to send it to YouTube will get tons of views – which is really part of our larger mission: To get your music out there and heard and seen by as big of an audience as you want. We love that the videos are getting better and better!

We also made a few changes around the place with more to come. Here is a list:

Search In The Archives:

Now you can search the archives for your own videos or for other incredible videos from other artists!

New Rendering Engine:

We rebuild the rendering engine and flushed the database of all the broken GIFS. The engine flags and removes all GIFS that would cause unpredictable renders some times. Not anymore! We also changed the process for splicing the GIFS and we are super pleased with the results. There also was a change in Quicktime that needed a new render formula. Old videos will be converted to the new MP4 cross platform version soon.

One New Effect! Bubble Warp!:

Pick this and it goes all weird and warped thanks to some advanced mathematics!
Sorry for the delay on effects. I had some real world music videos that premiere in May coming out!

Also small changes like automatic naming convention for youtube/soundcloud/bandcamp, and general code improvements.

We got a huge TODO list I won’t burden you with here, but remember please consider a donation – we are trying to rock without ads for as long as possible. Your donations go toward server costs. Even a dollar or a little bitcoin means a lot! You can also consider buying a some MVGEN merchandise too!

Also please subscribe to Tumblr / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / Reddit / Youtube and spread the word!

Never hesitate to email us with ideas or comments. K! Go make videos!

Euphoric!: 100,000+ Youtube Views and MVGEN Redesign!

Whoa! We hit 100k+ On Youtube again! We love building an audience to promote music of all the fabulous artists that are making kick ass videos on our platform. Our next goal is 200k! Subscribe today and check out all the fresh visuals with amazing music from artists from all over the world.


Here is our face when we saw it click off to 100k

We also started on implementing a clean beautiful redesign which will take us in 2016. We plan to have user accounts by this spring so you can control and manage your videos better. Tons of new features coming.

Also don’t forget to donate to our bitcon or patreon funding campaign! MVGEN is free for you , but please consider a donation to our server costs matter how small!

Okay! Keep making kick ass videos! More Filters coming soon!

Happy New Year: New Filters and Effects and more!!!!

Happy New Year guys! Thanks for making this year kick ass. Hopefully in 2016 We will bring you more features and a redesign that will make MVGEN the tool of your dreams!

We coded up some new filters:

ROCK ROTATOR – Rotate Slowly Continuously

LOCK EM UP – Put your gifs in jail!

WITCHHOUSE – Aww yeah! dedicated to that style of music called witchhouse

RANDOM PXL SIZE – Each scene has a different level of pixelation
PIXEL IN – The image turns to pixels
RANDOM DISCO – Random Scenes are Discoized
RANDOM INSANE DISCO = Random Scenes are Insane Discoized

Also we are testing an arrangement of Concepts and Filters and Effects ordering by usage/popularity.

1,000,000 PLUS GIFS Are in the Database. Awww Yeah!

Just a few things planned for 2016
– Hip Clean Redesign!
– User accounts – so you can control and rebuild your videos.
– Metadata like your Soundcloud or iTunes links.
– Music Video Awards Show!
– MVGEN Podcast

Okay guys over and out – lets go bring in New Year!

Update: More new filters and 50k Youtube views!

We hit the magic number on Youtube. 50k Views! Thanks Guys!

Filters: Aww Yeah! New Filters.

A set of Push filters that push the next scene onto the current scene in any direction you like! Check them out! You can Push Left, Right, Top, Bottom,Left-RIght , TOp-Bottom , or Random Pushes. It also resulted in the mistake Glitch Transition Filter.

Top Push is pictured below:

We are going to see if we can rock a few more filters before 2016!

Changes: A few cosmetic changes coming in before the big redesign!

Soundcloud: Follow our soundcloud. We are about to kick it off soon with playlist from our favorite music artists! Even it’s empty! Follow us and you’ll see it come to life with your kick ass tuneage!