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Private Videos For Users and NewsLetter Launch!

So the number one requested feature was private videos – and now it’s here! When you create a video when you have an user account. It is automatically private until you decide to make it public. No one can see if except for you!

We launched a newsletter than will go out like once a month to let you know the newest features and new and update you on how your videos are performing. In the newsletter we annouced for instance our newest crazy font additions for titles. Sign up for a user account today!

We also have a top secret hardware project to help stream gifs to your television set, or on a projector to have fun at parties or just kick back and zone out. It’s called the GIFBOX and you can pre-order one now for $85!





And finally don’t forget to donate! every time we get a donation we add a new filter or special effect! 



Instagram and Headed to 2 Million Youtube Views

Aww yeah!

We added some new features for user accounts. You can now download your video  in a 1 min instgram format you can easily share on your instagram. We are ramping up  the launch of our own instagram – where you can promote your video there!

We also fixed a bug related to titles that sometimes screwed with titles with the & sign. If you have a user account you can rebuild your video with the new title system!

This week we are premiering private videos. When you make a video with a user account your video will be private to the internet until YOU decide to make it public.

And of course m great news , we barreled past 1.5 million views and headed toward 2 Million Views on YouTube! More exposure for all MVGEN music makers! More changes coming soon! Don’t forget to donate!

New TITLE Effects! Thanks For Donations!

Hey guys! Thank for the donations! We put it toward server costs and it gave us time
to cook up a ton of new title effects for you! More font options to customize your videos the way you want!

Here’s just a few:

Blood Title:


SuperCute Title:

Scifi Title:

Graffiti Title:
Fancy Title:

Crime Title:

Stay tuned. More CRAZY filters coming soon and some hardware thats going to blow your mind!

Once again the donations are welcome! They mean a lot to the team as we work overtime to bring you new features!

User Accounts! Sign up Now!

Hey guys! We finally have user accounts! Sign up now!

Now you can control your MVGEN videos. You can delete them or remake them!
You can send them to our Youtube Channel for promotion – or take them down when YOU want to.
You can even add metadata to your songs – like your social media links, website or soundcloud page!

More information soon!

Oh! And there is a secret little trick you can do in the code now. You can repeat a keyword by using the notation x.

For example you could do DOG x10 in the keyword box and MVGEN will pull TEN dog gifs in a row saving you time from typing >DOG ten times.

Check it out!

Design Log – June 2017

“The extent to which you have a design style is the extent to which you have not solved the problem” — Charles Eames

Today I got an amazing amount of things done. I started early, so maybe I should rethink this “not being a morning person thing.” I got to this coworking space at almost 9 AM! I got some school “paperwork” stuff done immediately and then I started on the MVGEN end of things.

John and I discussed his desire to do more outreach starting this week and I suggested I could whip up some quick and friendly example/boilerplate emails for the verticals he’d like to reach out to. I offered to help with this because at the moment I’ve got time to help out where I can and I need to keep my writing muscles in shape because it’s a skill I don’t use enough these days. I got 3 of the 4 “press” templates cranked out faster than expected. These are: Soundcloud, Youtube Channel(indie) and Tumblr GIF creators. I haven’t started the 4th one, the generic “Press” template because I need to think more about it and maybe look at some good examples. Once I emailed and slacked those to him I pivoted and started on the MVGEN mobile redesign in Sketch. It’s weird because I’d been so intimidated by that software for as far back as I can remember. It’s amazing how much reading the instructions will point you in the correct direction :).

We’ve needed a mobile interface for aeons now, but I didn’t have the headspace for it. I realise that’s an excuse but at the time I’m being idle it feels reasonable not to even start without the appropriate motivation. At any rate, I’ve started (finally) on mobile (iOS) views for all the desktop pages on

I’m embarrassed to say this but the thing that really put the fire under my ass was finally looking at our Google Analytics (GA). Lo and behold, a cursory glance at a pie chart and some percentages and it became abundantly clear: the vast majority of our users create videos from their mobile devices. GA is granular enough that it shows which screen resolutions are most used. A quick search later and I learned a great many of our users are on the iPhone 6 plus.

I won’t be done quickly with this, but it does feel good to start the process finally. So now I know I need to make an iPhone 6 Plus friendly interface (phablet) and a smaller screen interface and larger format (tablet) interface. I sent John a quick screenshot of my progress so far and he seemed good with it.

Likewise, I finally get why designers extol Sketch’s praises from the mountaintops. The steep learning curve I’d convinced myself of is just not there. Especially if you’ve used Photoshop/Adobe apps to any depth. Everything is laid out cleanly and all the components you need to build a wireframe or mockup or prototype are laid bare, in easy reach. I got all the views for MVGEN mobile started in what seemed like minutes. So for anyone that’s been hesitant or unsure about trying Sketch or moving from Photoshop or something similar, I highly recommend it.

DevLog – June pt 1

I’ve been keeping the Buffer full of links and headlines for the last week or more. It’s been good for our engagement and adoption rates. Today I got us signed up for Mailgun which we’ve decided to use for “transactional email” (think confirmation messages and password reset emails). I also setup Mailchimp for newsletter purposes. For some reason I thought we’d already registered for Mailchimp but it looks like we hadn’t. As promised Mailchimp has lots of beautiful HTML email templates to choose from. I’d like to use Mailchimp for both but their API (Mandrill) is no longer a part of the Forever Free plan. Somewhat surprisingly, Mailgun also has email templates, so I’ll be sorting through and picking one or more of those as well. Mailgun also offers 10,000 outgoing emails a month for free, that should be more than enough to start. Once we grow past that point, it’ll be time to look at Amazon SES, another transactional email service, but as with all Amazon’s hosting and internet IaaS’s, the documentation can be a little byzantine.

I was somewhat frustrated by developer API access for Facebook today. They have so much available on their developers dashboard it’s almost daunting. I did not find the documentation overly transparent. It’s not dense like Amazon’s but kinda unclear and all over the place. Please, just tell me what each of your offerings does in the 1st 2 or 3 sentences. Is that so much to ask? This is somewhat a pet peeve, there are so many well documented services (free and otherwise) on the net that it’s always jarring when you stumble into a popular social media service that has opaque user guides and HOW-TOs. I’ll have to try it again another day, I quit after an hour or two because I’d end up going down a rabbit hole of frustration and teeth-gnashing which would leave the other tasks I had slated for completion/attack today unfinished. It’s been said before but there’s always something to do at a startup. So it’s best to maintain traction and momentum wherever possible.

1,000,000 Youtube Views!


Happy New Years Guys! We hit 1 Million views on Youtube!

This is a grand day for us – a huge milestone. Not to mention it’s all because of your guys! We are trying to build a world on the internet where your music gets the most exposure ever!

We premiered USER ACCOUNTS Click the tab at the top and sign up! It gives you the ability to control the videos you make. You can upload em , delete em, rebuild them:
More features coming soon – like putting your own logo on your videos and more!

We also added a LIKE button to the videos , so you can like and collect the videos you love.

There are some other changes too that sped up the code base of half a million lines of code and of course, more filters and fonts coming really soon!

Dont Forget to subscribe to youtube!: channel and spread the word.

Also subscribe to our new reddit channel too!:

800,000 Views On MVGEN YOUTUBE!


Hey guys i just got off my directing duties on a new music video (gif is a scene from it above) to come home to MVGEN YouTube channel has crossed 800,000 plus views!

We on our way to 1,000,000 Views! Of course it’s all for you music creators to have a wide audience to share your music to.
Make sure you subscribe to the Youtube Channel.
Pretty please with sugar on top?


Just an update on our tech progress:

User Accounts Beta: 90%
Video LIKES: 90%
Let us know what new features you’d like to see! We have been tracking them and they are coming!

Music Video for FINGERFINGERRR – Eu So Ganho by MVGEN’s Own JohnThreat!


Hey guys! John Threat, the coder and founder of MVGEN just had a music video release for the awesome band FingerFingerrr out of Brazil. They are a kick ass talented punk-rock band and you can find the video here:

FingerFingerrr – Eu So Ganho [official video] from FingerFingerrr on Vimeo.

Check it out and spread the word. We have some big MVGEN news coming up for you users soon. Also the objects from the video are going to be put into the MVGEN gif database. Here grab a few for yourself.

Okay guys! Let us know what you think! More info soon!













700,000 views on YOUTUBE: User Accounts Soon!

Oh yeah!700000

Feels good man. After a hiccup , youtube is soaring again. 700,000 Views on you videos that you elect to upload to youtube so we can promote you and your music around the world.

User Accounts are on the way! This will allow users to decide when and wear they upload their videos to our Youtube , and sshape the experience a bit with custom thummbnails, description box with links to their social media and whre to purchase the track , and most importantly taking the song down from YOUTUBE from our channel if you need to without asking us!

One road bunp we had was some users would upload videos to youtube, then flag them down! They would apologize and help us get the flag on the channel off, but it was time consuming on a galactic scale.

Let’s face it , user accounts will make the whole experience better for you and us. We are kick-ass stoked to bring them online soon!