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Happy New Year: New Filters and Effects and more!!!!

Happy New Year guys! Thanks for making this year kick ass. Hopefully in 2016 We will bring you more features and a redesign that will make MVGEN the tool of your dreams!

We coded up some new filters:

ROCK ROTATOR – Rotate Slowly Continuously

LOCK EM UP – Put your gifs in jail!

WITCHHOUSE – Aww yeah! dedicated to that style of music called witchhouse

RANDOM PXL SIZE – Each scene has a different level of pixelation
PIXEL IN – The image turns to pixels
RANDOM DISCO – Random Scenes are Discoized
RANDOM INSANE DISCO = Random Scenes are Insane Discoized

Also we are testing an arrangement of Concepts and Filters and Effects ordering by usage/popularity.

1,000,000 PLUS GIFS Are in the Database. Awww Yeah!

Just a few things planned for 2016
– Hip Clean Redesign!
– User accounts – so you can control and rebuild your videos.
– Metadata like your Soundcloud or iTunes links.
– Music Video Awards Show!
– MVGEN Podcast

Okay guys over and out – lets go bring in New Year!

Update: More new filters and 50k Youtube views!

We hit the magic number on Youtube. 50k Views! Thanks Guys!

Filters: Aww Yeah! New Filters.

A set of Push filters that push the next scene onto the current scene in any direction you like! Check them out! You can Push Left, Right, Top, Bottom,Left-RIght , TOp-Bottom , or Random Pushes. It also resulted in the mistake Glitch Transition Filter.

Top Push is pictured below:

We are going to see if we can rock a few more filters before 2016!

Changes: A few cosmetic changes coming in before the big redesign!

Soundcloud: Follow our soundcloud. We are about to kick it off soon with playlist from our favorite music artists! Even it’s empty! Follow us and you’ll see it come to life with your kick ass tuneage!

A Slew of New Filters , Bug Fixes and 20+k Youtube Views!

OMG! We got a slew of new filters coming online as promised. Here is a run down of them:


REVOLVER: Rotates the GIFS. There will be multiple speeds , but pair this with a frame rate to change the flow
RING OF FIRE: A literal ring of fire around the frame. Burn Baby Bury like disco inferno.
FIRES OF HELL: A roasting flame coming up from down below.
ETHEREAL SHIMMER: Ghostly haunting sprites float around. Dreamy. <3 shimmerd
CYBERPUNK: A series of high tech overlays for that cyberpunk feel. [ Still in Beta ]
GEOMETRIC ABUSE: A series of geometric patterns overlaid to mess with your head. [ Still in Beta ]
STAB TO DEATH: When you feeling aggressive this filter with stab the gifs and make them bleed. Society is to blame.
SHIA LABOUF: Not sure why one would need this, but it is there if you do!


DISCO: Flashing strobe lights like a discotheque or is that disco tech?
SPOOKY DISCO: This will do a intense inverse flash. Warning this thing is intense and could trigger epileptic fits.

Please don’t overdose! Use your filters responsibly!:

Don’t worry there are even more filters the way before the year end.

We are about to preview a Beta Redesign of the site.

We also knocked out a few bug fixes, related to submitting audio and it’s metadata. That’s all good!
It might be time to expand what kind of audio we can take in to include some other audio services.

Also thank you for 20k+ youtube views! Awesome! Subscribe and spread the word. Also check out the reddit channel and subscribe!

The fire rises my friends. Make videos. Do good.

Good: 10,000 Plus YouTube views! Aww: Deep Dream Filters Offline from Limited CPU

We got good news and we got aww news. First the Good!

Forget good: GREAT! We are back up to 10,000k YouTube Channel Views! This is awesome. If you opt in to sending your music/video to YouTube – we want to make sure people see your kick-ass work! Don’t forget if you want it taken down – please send us a message and we’ll get it down ASAP.

The Aww: For a bit we have to take Google Deep Dream Filters Offline for videos. A ton of you guys want to see your videos in Deep Dream mode – We do too! Unfortunately we have massive server issues we are trying to work thru: I.E. we can’t quite afford the extra CPU cycles and storage space: YET to accommodate the mighty Deep Dream filter. I have a feeling it will be back at some point – maybe a queued pipeline – I am open to other ideas! (or maybe we’ll hit power-ball and can afford some servers!). We are gonna try our darnest to let the few in the system finish rendering. It might take a week!
N7VqB1g - Imgur

So that’s the latest! There are still at least 30 new filters coming this month as soon as I get off set filming The Rescue – all not as intense as Deep Dream on the server, but still mega-dope!

Finally – Music Videos. For the people.

“HOW TO IDM” and MVGEN: Intelligence Dance Music and Neural Net Music Videos!

Big shout out to Frank JavCee Who just did an awesome video called “How To IDM” on YouTube. He explains how to make a new movement in music : Intelligent Dance Music.

We love this video – cuz we love intelligence and we love to dance – so why not both? I hope REDEF covers this incredible treatsie on music creation. You should check it out if you are into making electronic music.

In this video Frank shouted us out – and in turn we got a buttocks load of traffic and music makers wanting to make videos! We. Were. Not. Ready. – but we are getting it together so do you worst! That’s what we are here for: Music videos For the People!


Aww shucks! We were down for a while – we got swamped and ran out of space – and got caught with our draws hanging down around our knees.

We apologize – but please make the videos you want and need Go nuts, tell us what works and what doesn’t. We are back and hopefully for good.

We got a ton of new filters coming up real soon – that are going to knock your socks off – including free form filter use!

If you want to contribute to this project drop us a line or drop us a few pennies at paetron. The link is going to be on the site soon!

We Just Kicked 8,000 Views: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

We just relaunched our Youtube channel. Check it out at the link below:

We kinda stoked that we just crossed 8k views. It’s a baby step forward – but we are chasing our former 100k plus glory! So subscribe and check out the wildest, coolest user generated videos and awesome music on youtube.

If you have any ideas how we can make our youtube channel better – drop us a line!

How Mighty Casey Went From BET UnCut To StartUps And Books

mightycaseyuncutLast night, BET pulled one of the biggest stunts in TV history. After announcing their cult show BET UnCut was coming back to the excitement of thousands of fans that enjoyed the show, they let us know we were Punkd, to promote their new version of “Punkd,” the old MTV prank show.  I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to submit new music to BET UnCut and angry that they used my song without my permission to promote their unfunny prank and plan to sue them for it. Still the hype around UnCut has brought a renewed interest in my career, so I thought I’d let my fans and fans of UnCut know what I’ve been up to since UnCut was cancelled and how I got the video on BET UnCut.

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Gucci Mane “Mama (Sometimes You Win Noisey Atlanta Theme)”


Thanks to the Noisey Atlanta web series, I had this song stuck in my head before I knew who it was by because they kept playin the hook “Sometimes you win, sometimes, you lose. The played it on the last episode and it’s my favorite Gucci Mane song so far. I could talk about Gucci Mane and Noisey later but I decided to use this song to test out our new Static filter.

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Knight Blade “I Got That Weed” MVGEN Video Pt. 3


So do to complications all of the MVGEN videos were taken down from YouTube, but have no fear you can still watch them at the MVGEN Archive. But this gave us a chance to make some all new videos for some of our favorite songs like Knight Blade’s “I Got That Weed.”

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