Euphoric!: 100,000+ Youtube Views and MVGEN Redesign!

Whoa! We hit 100k+ On Youtube again! We love building an audience to promote music of all the fabulous artists that are making kick ass videos on our platform. Our next goal is 200k! Subscribe today and check out all the fresh visuals with amazing music from artists from all over the world.


Here is our face when we saw it click off to 100k

We also started on implementing a clean beautiful redesign which will take us in 2016. We plan to have user accounts by this spring so you can control and manage your videos better. Tons of new features coming.

Also don’t forget to donate to our bitcon or patreon funding campaign! MVGEN is free for you , but please consider a donation to our server costs matter how small!

Okay! Keep making kick ass videos! More Filters coming soon!

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