Good: 10,000 Plus YouTube views! Aww: Deep Dream Filters Offline from Limited CPU

We got good news and we got aww news. First the Good!

Forget good: GREAT! We are back up to 10,000k YouTube Channel Views! This is awesome. If you opt in to sending your music/video to YouTube – we want to make sure people see your kick-ass work! Don’t forget if you want it taken down – please send us a message and we’ll get it down ASAP.

The Aww: For a bit we have to take Google Deep Dream Filters Offline for videos. A ton of you guys want to see your videos in Deep Dream mode – We do too! Unfortunately we have massive server issues we are trying to work thru: I.E. we can’t quite afford the extra CPU cycles and storage space: YET to accommodate the mighty Deep Dream filter. I have a feeling it will be back at some point – maybe a queued pipeline – I am open to other ideas! (or maybe we’ll hit power-ball and can afford some servers!). We are gonna try our darnest to let the few in the system finish rendering. It might take a week!
N7VqB1g - Imgur

So that’s the latest! There are still at least 30 new filters coming this month as soon as I get off set filming The Rescue – all not as intense as Deep Dream on the server, but still mega-dope!

Finally – Music Videos. For the people.

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