Happy New Year: New Filters and Effects and more!!!!

Happy New Year guys! Thanks for making this year kick ass. Hopefully in 2016 We will bring you more features and a redesign that will make MVGEN the tool of your dreams!

We coded up some new filters:

ROCK ROTATOR – Rotate Slowly Continuously

LOCK EM UP – Put your gifs in jail!

WITCHHOUSE – Aww yeah! dedicated to that style of music called witchhouse

RANDOM PXL SIZE – Each scene has a different level of pixelation
PIXEL IN – The image turns to pixels
RANDOM DISCO – Random Scenes are Discoized
RANDOM INSANE DISCO = Random Scenes are Insane Discoized

Also we are testing an arrangement of Concepts and Filters and Effects ordering by usage/popularity.

1,000,000 PLUS GIFS Are in the Database. Awww Yeah!

Just a few things planned for 2016
– Hip Clean Redesign!
– User accounts – so you can control and rebuild your videos.
– Metadata like your Soundcloud or iTunes links.
– Music Video Awards Show!
– MVGEN Podcast

Okay guys over and out – lets go bring in New Year!

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