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Are you an independent artist who needs visuals for some music? Maybe you work for a label and need a video for an artist. It’s also a great way to be fun or be creative. All you need is an mp3 or a Soundcloud or YouTube link upload it at After that you can either choose to use lyrics (or keywords) or concepts.

An easy way to do it is just to copy and paste lyrics into the box but there are other more creative ways. Just type in any words you want that you feel connects with the song or the artist and MVGEN will search the internet for gifs that match those words that will make the video. So a songs about drinking will have lots of alcohol gifs, songs about being happy will have lots of happy people, love songs will have love etc.    Y

Another way to make a video at is to use one of the preset Concepts we have for you. All of them have their own feel and no two videos will be the same. You can also use the color and effect filters like zoom, fade, black and white and fisheye. If you want to make a really good video you can search sites loke Giphy and Tumblr for Gifs and then upload to and tag them with your own unique keywords. Then you can use those keywords in the lyrics box when it’s time to make the video. So go ahead have some fun and expiriment at You will be making excellent fun and creative videos in no time and you’ll get better at it after every try.



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