MVGEN : The World’s Animated Gif Powered First Music Video Generator

Yup! It’s official: MVGEN is launched and out of control and making awesome videos.

I’ve written up a technical breakdown how it works if you want to geek out a bit here at

New Features:

  1. * Ingest for audio and video files of all types. MP3, Quicktime, WAV, Whatever!
  2. * Ingest for youtube, soundcloud and bandcamp and direct links to media files.
  3. * Manipulate settings like Frames Per Second, Color and GIF Sources
  4. * Concepts Mode: Pre curated concepts to mix and match to make your video
  5. * Song Lyric Identification: If MVGEN can identify the song – it’ll offer you the lyrics!
  6. * Internal Database of GIFS that are awesome!
  7. * User submission of GIFS – you want to make a video with your gifs? Go Ahead!
  8. * Video Rendering Monitor Mode: You can see the video being made while you wait.
  9. * Automatic Social Media Promotion on MVGEN’s Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube Channel
  10. * Help Menu to show you the way!
  11. * Kick Ass new Logo and a Blog!
  12. * and much much more!#@

And here is a video I made using the Grunge concept mode:

If you dig the mvgen or have some ideas of some features to add for version 2.0 drop us a email!

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