Update: More new filters and 50k Youtube views!

We hit the magic number on Youtube. 50k Views! Thanks Guys!

Filters: Aww Yeah! New Filters.

A set of Push filters that push the next scene onto the current scene in any direction you like! Check them out! You can Push Left, Right, Top, Bottom,Left-RIght , TOp-Bottom , or Random Pushes. It also resulted in the mistake Glitch Transition Filter.

Top Push is pictured below:

We are going to see if we can rock a few more filters before 2016!

Changes: A few cosmetic changes coming in before the big redesign!

Soundcloud: Follow our soundcloud. We are about to kick it off soon with playlist from our favorite music artists! Even it’s empty! Follow us and you’ll see it come to life with your kick ass tuneage!

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