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What is this for?

MVGEN takes an audio file: music, spoken word, sound effects, voicemails, youtube, soundcloud, and bandcamp links whatever! - and programmatically matches it to animated gifs to make a music video.

You can do it anyway you want. You can cut and paste the lyrics to the song. Or you could type in your own keywords to shape your own vision. Or you can even mix and match MVGEN's pre-curated concepts to generate the most awesome video you ever did see.

Then you can share it on all your social networks anyway you want! Go ahead and expirement - then run and tell your friends..

Finally Music Videos - For The People!

The MVGEN Team

John Threat


An international reknown computer hacker and security expert and fanatic coder and music video and TV director. Stuyvesant HS/NYU Alum - He has popped up on covers of magazines like Wired, and as featured guests on TV shows like 60 minutes. He is wanders between New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco in his android powered jeep working on projects between edgy visuals and Artificial Intelligence and tries to keep a running log of it on his blog when he can. He coded this in his sleep.

Casey Gane


A rapper, actor, producer, writer and all round music and technology guy. He spends his days thinking of dope videos for MVGEN and his nights fighting crime in Gotham city. He has worked with BET, Beats By Dre, and The Huffington Post and has provided content for almost every site on the internet!

April Ellington


April Ellington has been tooling around the internet for years fomenting mischief and sparking debate on all things amalgamatic. She loves live music, photography, and lighting design.